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Boise is the biggest city in the state of Idaho, US. The life in such a populous city, with over 200.000 citizens is interesting and busy, so the city is preferred by young professionals, students, couples or young families. If you are looking to buy in Boise, Idaho, then you should look among the apartments Boise Idaho because they are more affordable and often enough, they are located in nicer areas than houses are.

When you are looking to buy an apartment, the most important aspect you should consider is the area you will live in. The neighborhood should be a very important factor in your decision, and that is why you need to get informed and choose from the best neighborhoods. In order to start out your search, read the list above that contains some of the nicest neighborhoods in Boise, Idaho!

  • The Depot Bench neighborhood – The Depot Bench can be also called The Bench and is a neighborhood situated south of Downtown. The name of the area comes from the exaggerated rise found in the elevation which gives the look of a step or bench. The Bench is a neighborhood that is very close to everything you need. It is famous as an area that is quiet and peaceful, filled with old, residential homes and new apartment complexes. The “Boise Union Pacific Depot” can be found here”. The area is also close to the “BoiseAirport”.
  • The Northwest Boise neighborhood – The neighborhood is found between “Boise Foothills” and “State Street” at north and south, and between “Eagle” and downtown Boise at the west and east. You will find here homes that are very close to the “Boise Greenbelt” system and also very nice, modern and edgy apartment complexes. The area is very close to Downtown, which is a clear advantage, and also to the “Veteran’s Memorial Park”.
  • The Southeast Boise neighborhood – The area is a very good one to live in. It extends from “BoiseStateUniversity” to the “Micron Technology”. You will find here homes built in the recent past, but also new buildings and many apartments to choose from. If you live here you will enjoy many amenities and also the Greenbelt or the BoiseRiver. This is a very green area, with many parks and outdoor areas. Plus, living in the Southeast Boise is great because nothing is too far and you can enjoy the Downtown, University area, many restaurants and great walks.

So, if you are going to buy an apartment in the great Boise, Idaho you should primarily look into these neighborhoods and see if they have any good offer for you or if they are appropriate. However, when looking for a great area you should consider the proximity to your work place, if there are good schools in the area, if you have all the amenities there and if you feel comfortable living there!

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